Sonja Ray 

AKA "The BadAss" 

Sales Consultant & Coach / Real Estate Investor

Owner of Authentic Closer, a Successful Sales Coaching Company for Real Estate Team Owners, currently coaching a handful of sales teams virtually threw out the US. She only trains for a limited amount of these companies to keep with Authentic Closer's core values of Personal Attention. Her approach is like the movie Jerry Maguire with fewer clients and personal attention, in this time of massive group coaching model.

Also, the owner of Home Helpers USA locking up deals for wholesaling and fix and flips. This also keeps her skills sharp and relevant in real estate.

2021 Closed Close to $1.5 Million in SFR, virtual while running a sales team and training other companies around the country. During that time, she was closing deals in bed due to re-injuring an old injury that had prior put Sonja in a wheelchair for 3 months. She has been named "the beast" and "a BadAss," and very much crushes it in a largely male-dominated industry.

Amazingly savvy with CRM Systems, prior with Podio and now with FreedomSoft

She is also an avid cold plunger and very into the way of alternative health while dealing with 2 auto-immune challenges with no medications.*Car%202%20-%2022*jpeg?alt=media&token=cbe2d71e-2dee-4bb6-9b7c-46bf2031eea4


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